10 useful tips for travelers

Every trip is a way to discover something new, to escape from the gray everyday life and relax. Not everyone likes the rest, which consists only in swimming in the pool at the hotel. If you want to feel like a real traveler, then feel free to go on an independent trip!

  • Free travel has a number of advantages over buying a tour in a travel agency
  • You have your own time, you can plot any route and see the sights of interest.
  • Knowing the necessary Internet resources you can perfectly save on tickets and accommodation
  • The spirit of adventure is felt only in free travel, when you are responsible for yourself and your trip
  • Going on an independent trip, you have a better chance to immerse yourself in the culture of the locals and experience their way of life
  • Free travel can be organized with a minimum of funds. But be prepared for extreme situations

10 tips for an independent traveler

To make the trip bring only pleasant emotions you should use the following recommendations:

  • Don't skimp on insurance. In some countries, the prices for medical care for tourists are simply sky-high
  • Check your documents. Take care of the visa that you will need in a timely manner
  • You need to buy tickets in advance to save money. Sometimes this rule does not work and last-minute tickets are cheaper. But in this case, you run the risk of not leaving at the right time
  • Decide on the route. Chaotic walks, of course, are great. But it is necessary to make an approximate route plan
  • Take a minimal first aid kit
  • Don't take too many things. Independent travel is good because you are always on the move. Do not burden yourself with extra suitcases
  • Save on overnight accommodation by using the services of hostels. It's also a great way to meet fellow travel enthusiasts.
  • Download the necessary apps to your phone: maps, translators, and travel guides
  • Before you travel, learn the necessary phrases in the local language. When traveling freely, knowledge of English is simply necessary
  • Don't carry all the money in cash. Get a bank card with which you can withdraw funds in any country

Travel tips by car

If everything is more or less clear about traveling by car, then let's analyze such a way of moving as hitchhiking:

  • Hitchhiking is extremely popular in central Europe and Russia. Less — in Asia, but in the Arab countries, this method of movement is better not to use
  • The main" customers " are truck drivers. They are happy to pick up travelers and communicate with them all the way
  • It is not advisable to hitchhike with a large company. Maximum — 3 people
  • Before you go on a trip, study the road maps. It is easier to stop cars on busy roads
  • When choosing a place to stop pay attention to the curb and in general to the driver's ability to stop
  • Be polite, do not respond with rudeness to rudeness. Sometimes it is better to skip a few cars, so as not to get into an unpleasant situation
  • Prepare for the fact that it is not always possible to quickly catch a car. Therefore, be patient, water and food

Travel tips for Europe

  • Almost all European countries require a Schengen visa. To avoid problems and delays in the trip, you need to start opening it a month before the trip
  • There are many ways to get to Europe, but the fastest and most comfortable is by plane. Do not rush to buy a ticket from a travel agency. Search for promotions and discounts on the Internet yourself. So you can save a lot of money
  • Another easy way to travel around Europe is by bus. Sometimes the price for them is quite low
  • You can also hitchhike, and in many European cities there are even special camping bases for hitchhikers
  • Buy euros better cut in Russia, before the trip. The exchange rate from rubles to euros in Europe is extremely unprofitable
  • Plan in advance what places you intend to visit
  • It is better to visit the sights at non-standard times, for example, immediately after opening or before closing. This will give you the opportunity to enjoy the tour without the abundance of tourists
  • To save on your stay, you can use the Couchsurfing service. This is a new movement that exists to help travelers. Residents of many countries and cities offer their services for the accommodation of foreign tourists. All they need is interesting communication and exchange of experience

Tips from an experienced seasoned traveler for beginners

  • Don't be afraid of the locals. They are happy to help better than guides and guidebooks
  • Eat local food. This is the only real way to get acquainted with the national cuisine
  • Don't buy souvenirs. The best souvenir — your memories and experiences
  • Take a minimum of things. Mandatory of which: a warm jacket and pants, replacement sneakers, first aid kit and drinking water. It is optimal if you only have a backpack with you
  • Have paper maps, travel guides, and phrasebooks. They will help you in the event that something happens to your phone,
  • keep as many small bills and local currency as possible
  • Keep the principal amount on your bank card
  • Always carry your passport with you. In some countries, the police can check documents on the street
  • Before you travel, read the laws and customs of the country you are traveling to
  • Put aside your fears and doubts. If you are attentive and soberly assess the situation, then any trip will be safe

Harmful tips for travelers

  • Go only to the standard attractions. Why do you need to see and know something new?
  • Never communicate with the locals! They are dangerous and eager to cheat you
  • It is best to join a boring group of tourists and follow them. It's safer that way
  • Take as many things with you as possible! Some airlines allow you to carry 2 suitcases each
  • Never walk on the streets, it is better to move on expensive taxis
  • Do not eat local food, or you will get poisoned
  • Don't leave a tip. Even if it is accepted
  • Don't keep track of personal items. Let some scammer have a job
  • Don't plan anything, leave everything to chance
  • Drink alcohol as often as possible. Especially in unfamiliar places. Especially if you have money and a passport with you